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Tailgate Party

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Tailgate Party is party game based on the popular yard game, cornhole. Using the Power Pad as the main controller, you toss real corn-filled bags at the buttons to score points. Play against a friend in VS Mode or test your skills in single player Story Mode. Enjoy seven different game styles while unlocking new characters and achievements along the way. Tailgate Party is sure to become your new gameday tradition!

About The Game

The programming of Tailgate Party began in October 2014. It is the first game released in physical format by Orab Games. The earliest version of the game was a simple ROM that was designed to test the sensitivity of the Power Pad (free download above). At the time, I did not have the hardware to perform the tests myself but thanks to a few helpful folks on the website formally known as NintendoAge, I was able to compile the data I needed to proceed with the game. After nearly three years of working on Tailgate Party, it was officially released on June 1, 2017.


Currently, there are four different Editions of Tailgate Party, with three having physical releases.

Mapper: 111 (GTROM)

Mirroring: Horizontal

PRG: 16 x 16KiB (Doubled)

CHR: 0 x 8KiB

ROM size: 512KiB

Released: 2017

Status: Sold Out


Programmer: Tim Wurdinger (Orab Games)

Graphics: Tim Wurdinger (Orab Games)

Music: Thomas Ragonnet (Bleep Bop Studios)

Music Engine: Famitone by Shiru

Publisher: Orab Games

Testers: Justin "Neodolphino" Orenich, nemesys (NA User) and Ferris Bueller (NA User)

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