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Happy Hour

Happy Hour Title.png
Happy Hour Level 1.png

Inspired by the popular arcade classic, Tapper, Happy Hour is an arcade style game where you play as a bartender pouring beer from a tap for patrons ready to tip. You better have a steady pouring hand because the better the pour, the better the tip. Race against the clock each round to see if you can earn enough tips to keep your job. Each round increases in difficulty and less time to fill the orders!


Started in 2014 while studying the Nerdy Nights programming tutorial, Happy Hour was my first real game I attempted to program. I quickly realized the game play just wasn't what I had envisioned, so I scrapped it. The game becomes impossible to beat in the later rounds as I never went back to adjust the values. Also, about this time, Retroscribe hired Shiru to program Beerslinger which played about the same as Happy Hour. Not wanting to flood consumers with Tapper clones, I decided to discontinue the game and move on to a new project.

A few years later, I was asked if Happy Hour could be included in the Homebrew World Championships sequel. Excited by the opportunity, I began reworking the graphics and game play to better fit their vision. Unfortunately, this idea fell through. Maybe one day, we can find time to return to this project.

As you may notice, the copyright on the game is Dinger Games, the name I wanted to use to release my games under. However, a mobile game developer in South Korea had already released a few casino style games under this name, so I changed my company name.

Mapper: 0 (NROM)

Mirroring: Vertical

PRG: 1 x 16KiB

CHR: 1 x 8KiB

ROM size:25KiB

Released: 2014

Status: Unfinished


Programmer: Orab Games

Graphics: Orab Games

Music: None

Publisher: Free Download


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